E-Commerce Development

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E-Commerce Development

E-commerce has become one of the essential means of modern commerce, helping companies and individuals display their products and services online and interact with customers easily and effectively. Online stores also help save time, effort and costs associated with traditional shopping and provide customers with an easy and comfortable shopping experience by accessing products and services quickly and easily. In addition, online stores help businesses expand their reach and expand into new markets, which increases the chances of growth and prosperity in the business


No hidden fees or extra costs!


Suitable for Small Works

    • Domain.com
    • Professional Design
    • Responsive with all devices
    • Single Language
    • Admin panel
    • SSL
    • Unlimited Products and Orders
    • No Commission on Sales
    • Inventory and Tax Management
    • Payment Gateways
    • Shipping
    • Product Color and Size Options
    • Vouchers and Discount Coupons
    • Products by Brands

Annual renewal 2500 EGP after a year
(Domain – Hosting – Technical Support – SSL)


Suitable for Companies

    • Basic Package Features
    • Logo Design
    • 10 Mail Box
    • Live Chat
    • 2 Language
    • Preparing your Store
    • Enter the Ratings Through Our Team
    • Design Icons for Main Sections
    • Design an Advertising Banner
    • Pixel for Marketing Platforms
    • Support Multiple Currencies
    • Order Invoices PDF
    • Customize the Form to Order

Annual renewal 3000 EGP after a year
(Domain – Hosting – Technical Support – SSL – Emails)


Move your Store into the App World

    • Pro Package Features
    • Android App
    • IOS App
    • Publish App on Google Play
    • Publish App on App Store
    • App Icon Design
    • Application Video
    • Pictures of the Google Play interface
    • Pictures of the App Store interface
    • Promotional Designs for App
    • Notifications via Ap

Annual renewal 3500 EGP after a year
(Domain – Hosting – Technical Support – SSL – Emails)

Limitless DesignCustomization!

Edit and customize with ease and without restrictions! We provide a complete control panel to modify your E-Commerce design in all aspects.

  • Modify the colors, font type, and shape of the buttons.
  • Customize the home page with banners.
  • Distinguish the services page in a contemporary and modern way.

E-Payment within Store

You can activate different payment methods with various payment gateways. All you need is to prepare the account and the rest is on us! Yes, that simplicity.

 IN SOLUTIONS  Simplicity!

Support more than 35+ electronic payment gateways.
Possibility of activating Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Activate manual payment methods such as cash on delivery.

Multiple Shipping Options

You can specify many prices and shipping methods within your store, whether the cost depends on cities or countries.
      – Providing more than one shipping option upon completion of the order. 
      – Activate shipping fees by city or country.
      – Possibility of linking with supported shipping companies.

E-Commerce Features

Improve your business with custom features


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