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Online beginners

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Ideal for setting up your personal website, WordPress blog or business landing page, these hosting plans are simple and affordable.

Small businesses

Get more power and control

Ideal if you’re a solopreneur, e-commerce specialist, or web developer looking to add more power and speed to your company website or online business.

Large businesses

Invest in maximum power

Perfect for websites that demand the highest performance, enjoy all the flexibility and security with sole access to every resource.

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Whether it’s for personal or business use, you need a web hosting service like In Solutions to get your ideas online. No matter which plan you choose, you can count on us for reliability, security, and a stress-free experience.

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Shared Hosting

  • Host up to 3 websites with the CMS of your choice. Includes a free Website Builder and email service.

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Stellar Plus

Shared Hosting

  • Host as many websites as you like. Enjoy unmetered storage, unlimited bandwidth, and automatic backups.

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EasyWP Starter

WordPress Hosting



Email Hosting

  • Domain-based email at a price that can’t be beat. Includes all the tools you need to maximize your productivity.

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Stellar Business

Shared Hosting

  • Cloud power your business with unmetered bandwidth and free automatic backups.

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Reseller Hosting

  • Provide hosting to your clients as if you were the web hosting provider. Fully supports the WHMCS billing platform.

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EasyWP Turbo

WordPress Hosting



Email Hosting

  • Domain-based email to smoothly run your business. Includes tools to collaborate and syncs up your email, contacts, calendars, and more.

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EasyWP Supersonic

WordPress Hosting



VPS Hosting

  • Linux-based virtual servers include full root access, giving you all the flexibility to run your business.

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VPS Hosting

  • The most powerful VPS at IN SOLUTIONS with extended hardware resources plus all the benefits of regular VPS plans.

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Xeon E-2234

Dedicated Hosting

  • Invest in a physical server that’s 100% yours. Includes full root access and all the customization possibilities.

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IN SOLUTIONS Web Hosting benefits


Never pay for hosting migration

Already have hosting and want to change your hosting provider? From start to finish, IN SOLUTIONS migration is free, fast, and easy. No surprises along the way.

Expect & receive 24/7 Support

Need some help? Our dedicated team of hosting experts is standing by, ready to help via Live Chat. Whether you’re just starting out or there’s an issue that needs fixing, we’re here for you—every step of the way.

Go easy on your wallet

Enjoy top-notch service at a fraction of the price you’d pay with competitors. With us you get all the hosting bells and whistles, without breaking the bank.

Sit back & relax

When you decide to host with us, you’re in the very best of hands. Rest assured that your needs come first and trust that any changes made will benefit you (think top-tier security measures, stable backups, and uptime guarantees).



Privacy and security

At IN SOLUTIONS, we prioritize your online privacy and security, and we support the rights of individuals and consumers online at all times. Keeping the Internet open, free, and safe for all users comes first for us.

Your business online

Finding industry-premium products and services at affordable prices will hugely benefit your business. All our services are here to provide you with an improved Internet experience.

Customer service

You will find our Support Team to be everything you need in terms of friendly and helpful assistance. These are real people who are ready to help you out with any issue on a 24/7 basis.

Frequently asked questions

What is hosting and what is it for?

In order for your website to be seen online, you need a web hosting service. Web hosting services differ by how the servers are set up (i.e. the space allocated) and the type of access that people (aka hosting customers) have to them. Every website you’ve ever visited has a website hoster. The main types of website hosting are Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Reseller. Learn more about web hosting →

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple websites. Considered the cheapest hosting plan, many users utilize the resources on a single server, which keeps the costs low. Users each get a section of that server where they can host their website files. Shared servers can host hundreds of users. Each customer who uses the Shared Hosting server has access to such features as databases, monthly traffic reports, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and other add-ons offered by the hosting provider. System resources are shared on-demand by users on the server, where each one gets a percentage of everything from RAM and CPU as well as the single MySQL, Apache, and mail servers. Learn more about web hosting plans →

What is WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting simply means that all technical aspects of running a WordPress website are taken care of (i.e. managed) by the web hosting provider. IN SOLUTIONS Managed WordPress Hosting, EasyWP, also features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to update, manage, and back up all of your future installations. This means that you don’t have to figure out how to use a control panel (cPanel or Plesk) to manage your website. (As a friendly reminder, cPanel is a dashboard that is used to control your hosting environment.)

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting that’s suited for those who have outgrown Shared Hosting. Since multiple websites reside on a single web server with Shared Hosting, with no guarantee of resources, VPS Hosting allows for fewer users to share allocated resources of hard drive space, memory, and processor power. Each user on a VPS server has access to a virtual machine that runs on its own copy of an Operating System (OS). This lets VPS Hosting customers experience similar capabilities and performance levels of a Dedicated Server for their web hosting services.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a form of web hosting where the account owner has the ability to use their allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. In other words, the reseller purchases the hosting provider’s wholesale services and then sells them to their clients/customers for a profit. Want more info? Check out IN SOLUTIONS “Getting Started” guide for Reseller Hosting.

Why should I use Email Hosting from IN SOLUTIONS?

Although some web hosting providers offer free email, there’s often very few features and little-to-no support included. Private Email Hosting from IN SOLUTIONS, however, features a premium interface with way more flexibility and cloud power to manage all your communication—both personal and professional. Learn more about what we offer →

Does IN SOLUTIONS provide an uptime guarantee for web hosting?

Whenever you purchase hosting from us, we offer you a monthly uptime guarantee. If for some reason we don’t deliver on this guarantee, which is determined by IN SOLUTIONS, you’ll be eligible for a prolonged service cycle—depending on your chosen web hosting plan. Learn more →

Does web hosting include a free domain name?

Your annual Shared Hosting plan comes with one domain name on offer. You have a wide range of top-level domain names (TLDs) available with discounts up to 100% for the first year. You may check the offers here. Shared Hosting customers also receive 50 free SSL certificates and free automatic backups. For our VPS and Dedicated Server customers, your server setup is completely taken care of. If you’re looking to build your website, our Shared and Reseller Hosting customers are encouraged to take advantage of our free Website Builder tool as well as a control panel (cPanel). For Private Email Hosting, you can enjoy a two-month trial for free.

What IN SOLUTIONS web hosting plans are suitable for my WordPress website?

All of our web hosting services, besides Email Hosting, work with your website. If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for the simplest way to host, we recommend EasyWP, which takes care of all the technical aspects, or Shared Hosting, which is one of the cheapest hosting plans and also features the free Website Builder tool. If you’re looking for web hosting that scales to your business needs, a VPS or Dedicated Server is the perfect website hoster choice. Learn more about the types of web hosting →

Which type of web hosting is best for me?

If you’re not completely sure which type of hosting to go for, it might be a good idea to take our Hosting Quiz. This will help to show you which hosting plan is best suited to your individual needs at this stage in your web project.

  • Our Stellar Plus Plan offers unmetered disk space, intended only for your website. This space must be used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), in particular Paragraph 10, Disk Usage Provision.
  • Only first-time Shared Hosting customers and VPS hosting customers are eligible for our 30-day money-back guarantee. For example, if you previously created an account with IN SOLUTIONS, subsequently canceled and signed up again, unfortunately you are ineligible for a refund. The same scenario applies to those who have already opened a second IN SOLUTIONS account. Please be aware that the sales of Dedicated Servers are only refundable within 7 days (not including addons and licenses).
  • IN SOLUTIONS will provide a free domain name (first year only) with purchase of any annual or biennial Shared Hosting plan as long as the domain name is not considered "premium". Learn more about Premium Domain Names →
  • Cloud Storage is available with all Stellar plans with an EU datacenter and Stellar Business plans with a US datacenter.
  • On your EasyWP website, you’ll be able to install all the plugins available for WordPress, with a few exceptions. Since the EasyWP plugin already handles three different layers of advanced caching, you don’t need to install any caching plugins. Please note that some untrusted plugins can’t be activated. Check the full list.
  • Recommended visitor and page view limits are subject to our Hosting Acceptable Use Policy.
  • All IN SOLUTIONS Private Email plans have 60 days free trial period. Starter plan free trials are limited to 5 per IN SOLUTIONS account. Pro and Ultimate plan free trials are limited to 1 per account. All trial offerings can not be used more than once per domain.
  • Trial subscriptions are considered a regular purchase so no introductory offers may be used for renewals after the trial period ends.
  • Depending on the Server Management Plan, additional software and resources chosen for VPS and Dedicated Servers may incur a higher fee.
  • IN SOLUTIONS does not charge an additional fee to transfer an existing website and/or a Dedicated Server or VPS. Please note that a cPanel to cPanel transfer is fully supported while other transfer options may need to be checked by our Technical Team.
  • Our advertised discount offer for Stellar plans only applies to purchases of annual and biennial plans. This discount offer does not apply to renewals.

Need help? We’re always here for you.